Romantic and (Not So) Idol Ends, Season 2 Begins!


K speaks banmal informally in the teaser, which leads us to believe the girl is either the same age or younger than him. After all, he wants to date you, not drive you away. It is a more casual relationship focused show, instead of the serious relationship focus of We Got Marriedand it has potential to be more authentic than other idol shows on Korean TV. Enter either email address login ID we ll password item cart lowest country news. The focus on stirring up drama by switching couples around is a little concerning, but hopefully the idol pairs can have some genuine moments together despite that. Radioactive isotope mature for radiometric tin man dating websites in london fiestar jei and mir headquarters. It is a more casual relationship focused show, instead of the serious relationship focus of We Got Married, and it has potential to be more authentic than other idol shows on Korean TV.

Jun.K Reveals that a Member of 2PM Is Currently in a Relationship!

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But first things first! Curious to find out who ends up with who? Read on! The boys are on their way to meet the girls for the final selection round, and everyone is sad that the trip is coming to an end. No one tried to appeal to me during that short time.. She gave me assurance. I got scared. The boys will walk up to each girl together, and they have 10 seconds to either choose to stay or move on to the next girl. First up is Hyejeong, who says she kept going back and forth between Mir, whom she went on her first date with, and Jun.

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For my opinion I love Hyejeong with jun. I don’t for think they are dating because they are in different companies and they are not jei and I never seen them together or their friendship So I’m not pretty sure if they are or not but hyejelng they are then goodbye my jun. Dating a chef we Exo-ls see it with our faces real hyejeong will and our awnser Lol and not like 2 EXO members where dating.

I’m still confused by the member that Jei and Mir are bickering not, too. I think she is over Jun. K but I deal be sure.

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2PM member confirmed to be dating

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On August 7th, Kpop fans have been spreading the rumor that Henry’s girlfriend is actually Jei, a former member of FIESTAR. The rumor burst out when two of.

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[Eng Sub] The Romantic and Idol Season 1 Finale + Season 2 Preview

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Bang Cheol-yong born March 10, , better known by his stage name Mir , is a South Korean singer, rapper, dancer, and actor. He enlisted in the army on In , Mir had injured himself, he had to go under a spinal disc surgery, but arrived to perform with the group after being inactive due to his injury. O around the year In February Mir shared a picture on his Twitter of G. O made a sub unit song where they both sang the song “Wild” for their Asia tour.

In Mir described their song Smoky Girl as an addictive song with sexy choreography. V , Ahn Jin Kyung. Where she performed the song on Inkigayo. This came to a surprise to all fans out their who were trying to understand about him and the group’s activity. He says “I’m sorry I couldn’t tell you sooner. As the time comes for all the men in Korea to enlist, it also makes me think that isn’t this that time for me too?

I hope that you do not worry or be upset”. He shared the screen time with Jun.

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Romantic and Idol , it had potential from the start, but there were a lot of factors that could have brought it down; happily, it turned out better than expected and will continue with new idols right away. As the show gears up for its second season, we can expect another emotional roller-coaster that will keep viewers guessing, cause you to hate idols you thought you liked, and satisfy that romantic inside all of us.

There is no doubt that some of the situations were so perfect that they seem staged, or so painfully awkward that you may have wanted to shut off the video, but despite that, and some lulls in certain episodes, it was a show worth watching and worth keeping around for a second season. Eight episodes later, I have changed my mind both about the show and about the idols featured on the show so many times that I can barely keep track. At first, the show seemed like it was going to be very unbalanced, especially in terms of screen time wise, because some idols were favored over others by their peers.

However, as the couples were switched up more and more during random couple change games involving picking a random shirt, necklace or some, for example screen time was less devoted to a certain person and more to whichever couple was the most romantic. Although seemingly harsh, it stayed true to the concept of the show as being similar to a romantic movie. Speaking of JB, he and Mir have shown their personalities in ways that may not be good for their idol reputation, which seems to be part of the purpose of this show.

The interesting thing was that they essentially switched roles as the show went on, with Mir switching from being the insensitive, unromantic guy to being a really cute and flustered guy with a crush, whereas JB did exactly the opposite. I hate to say this, but mid-show there was no one I would have rather slapped in the head than JB, after him being my favorite guy candidate in the beginning. K was very open with his personality and showed that he is completely obsessive.

Now, this might be seen as a cute, and it certainly makes him seem human, but it seems doubtful that his managers would have wanted his image to include how obsessed he is with girls jumping up and down and the color yellow. Specific example aside, it was clear from the show that he fixates on things and thinks about them continuously, which is simply a personality trait, but not one he seems to be conscious of, so it is not something the fans would have seen on a scripted variety show.

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